WAG No. 242: Livia Lemos

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(Fat) Ronaldo somehow persuaded this woman to sleep with him

Livia Lemos 1

(Fat Brazilian) Ronaldo may spend far too much of his free time knocking about with porn stars and transvestite prostitutes, but his dashing good looks and rapier wit have have also earned him the company of some incredibly attractive women – see Milene Domingues, Maria Beatriz Antony, Daniela Cicarelli and Raica Oliveira for further information.

Today, we consider the merits of Brazilian TV presenter, radio DJ and Playboymodel Livia Lemos, who fell for the footballer a few years ago.

Livia Lemos 2

Livia may seem like excellent WAG material, but she gave Ronaldo a great deal of grief – her brother is a convicted drug trafficer, who claimed the footballer was among his celebrity clients.

Livia Lemos 3

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