WAG No. 229: Amii Grove

The Page Three girl who rediscovered love in a graveyard

Amii Grove 1

Few romances in the world of football are more curious than that of Amii Grove and Jermaine Pennant. In 2007, the Liverpool winger and the Page Three girl were living together in pre-fab mansion bliss, until she spotted him steamrollering another lovely lady on their CCTV cameras. The topless model with two inexplicable consecutive vowels in her name duly caused £200k of damage and sold her “Kop Rat” story to the tabloids.

Two weeks ago, however, the Brummie beauty tragically lost her brother, and was comforted at his grave by her former cheating partner (even though he may or may not have been engrossed in the best reason to watch Hollyoaks, Jennfier Metcalfe). Spotting an opportune moment of emotional weaknessRealising his true feelings, Pennant proposed on the spot, and she accepted.

It’s like a fairy tale, except with more nudity, infidelity and shameless story selling.

Amii Grove 2

Despite giving the impression that she loathes covering her chest in public, Amii was crowned Miss Bikini World in 2004.

Amii Grove 3

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