WAG No. 216: Mariana Paesani

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The “football obsessed glamour model” currently aiding the breakdown of Carlos Tevez’s marriage


Carlos Tevez may have a wife and a three-year-old daughter, but this doesn’t stop the Argentinean chasing after pretty ladies who pose in underwear for a living. Four years ago, his wife Vanesa forgave him for steamrollering model Natalia Fassi, but she is now distraught over the news that the wet dog-alike may be conducting an affair with Mariana Paesani, a lady whose footballer-snaring techniques sound delicious:

“When I want a player, I simply become a goddess. I cover myself with vanilla and chocolate essence so they want to eat me whole. I die for footballers. I die for them. I dream that they scratch me all over.”

The Manchester Utd striker had reportedly been spotted with Mariana at a golf club near his Cheshire mansion, and has also completely failed to keep the affair under wraps by taking her to a candle lit dinner at Manchester’s San Carlo restaurant.

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