WAG No. 203: Milene Domingues

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The wife Brazilian Ronaldo should have held onto

Milene Domingues 1

We at The Spoiler have showcased Maria Beatriz Antony, Daniela Cicarelli and Raica Oliveira for your consideration, and today we presented the first piece in Ronaldo’s sexy lady puzzle.

In 1999, the tubby Brazilian spotted Milene Domingues on TV, and he promptly proposed to her. Despite his unusual looks and the fame she had achieved in her own right (she is a female footballer who holds the ‘ball juggling’ record for keeping a football off the ground with 55,198 touches), she said yes and the couple were married for four years.

Ronaldo and Milene have a son who was named for the cheerleader of their favourite restaurant chain: “My wife and I eat a lot at McDonald’s so we chose Ronald.”

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