WAG No. 201: Nadine Coyle

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Popstar switches from proper football to American football

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Everybody knows that manufactured popular beat combo Girls Aloud have one of the nation’s finest WAGs among their ranks (you know, the pretty one who is married to that fella nobody likes), but few know that they actually have two of the nations finest WAGs among their ranks. Nadine Coyle met Finn Harps midfielder Neil McCafferty at school and continued to date for four years. Now she is a pretend American, the large-lunged starlet has started stepping out with New York Giants star Jason Bell, who turned up in London this weekend to see her perform on Pop Rival Factor Star.

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Nadine first found fame on the Irish version of Popstars, but was tragically booted off of the show when she remembered that she was only seven years old. Since then, the long-pinned brunette’s grasp of numbers has vastly improved: she has employed some shrewd entrepreneurial nous, investing in two bars, a restaurant and a Los Angeles hotel.

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