WAG No. 197: Siobhan Parekh

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Say “strewth” to an Australian…

Siobhan Parekh 1

Think of a city in Australia. No, you idiot, not that one, another one. OK, no, not that one either. Stop getting it wrong. Relax. Sit back, close your eyes, and think of another city that wasn’t either of the cities you just thought about. No, not Brisbane! Jesus Christ! Do it again… just do it again. Thought of it? That’s right – Perth! Well done. Perth. Finally!

And speaking of Perth, that’s exactly where Siobhan Parekh comes from, and she’s dating Mark Philippoussis. He was a fantastic tennis player, and had one heck of a serve. Reports suggest that the pair have been keeping each other warm at night since February, and when he’s off having a hit about with his tennis buddies, she likes to take most of her clothes off and have someone take pictures of it.

See what we mean after the jump…

Siobhan Parekh 2

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