WAG No. 171: Alessia Ventura

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Meet the lady who may have tamed Pippo


Filippo Inzaghi has enjoyed more than his fair share of beautiful Italian women, yet his wayward steamrollering ways may have been brought to an end by showgirl and TV presenter Alessia Ventura. The 28-year-old lovely is engaged to the Italian sex connoisseur, who says she “ticks all the boxes in what I’d like my partner to be as a person”. Presumably, those boxes are ‘Attractive’ and ‘Willing to get her kit off at any given moment’.


Like so very many Italian WAGs before her, Alessia is a big TV star in the boot-shaped nation. She has starred in Italy’s version of The Bill (Carabinieri), and is a regular fixture on MTV, where she fronts a programme called The Crispy Show.


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