WAG No. 168: Lisa Dergan

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She’s smarter than the average Playboy Playmate…

Lisa Dergan 1

Lisa Dergan was bestowed the honour of Playboy Playmate of the Month in July 1998, and since then she has made big moves in her career, often while keeping her clothes on. For example, as a sports reporter for FOX, she has covered the Super Bowl and the US Open golf tournament, and she has also hosted a bizarre-sounding quiz show called Smush. In February 2006, she became a full-blown WAG, by marrying Colorado Rockies rounders player Scott Podsednik.

Lisa Dergan 2

Lisa may have forged her career by being ridiculously good looking, but she always has her booksmarts to fall back on. She has a degree in Art History and she can also speak fluent Japanese.

Lisa Dergan 3

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