WAG No. 161: Adriana Karembeu

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Slovakia’s only greatest contribution to western civilisation

Sklenaříková 1

It’s difficult to fathom how The Spoiler has managed to go 160 days without mentioning fabulously attractive Slovak model Adriana Karembeu (née Sklenaříková), but we are finally making up for it today. Adriana is best known for causing traffic accidents with her Wonderbra billboard campaign, and her 49-inch legs have landed her a spot in the Guinness book of World Records.

As her surname suggests, ten years ago she married former Middlesbrough and French defensive midfielder Christian Karembeu.

Sklenaříková 2

Adriana was originally studying medicine, but one day noticed she was extremely good looking and swiftly left Slovakia to become a world famous model.

She and Christian didn’t meet in a glitzy continental nightclub, but rather among the flight socks, stale air and cheap headphones of an aeroplane cabin.

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