WAG No. 126: Edita Hortova

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An excellent reason to visit Prague…

Edita Hortova 1

Freddie Ljungberg and David Beckham aren’t the only footballers who enjoy partaking in homoerotic photoshoots – former Liverpool, Aston Villa and Portsmouth striker Milan Baros also likes to show off his tidy hariless chest in a professional capacity. Say what you will about the Czech’s Zoolander-esque efforts, but at least he has something in common with model girlfriend Edita Hortova.

Edita Hortova 2

According to The Offside, Edita won Miss Europe in 2005, even though she was only the runner up in the Miss Czech Republic competition the previous year. She was also 2005’s Tourism Queen, so you were probably welcomed by her if you visited Prague’s international airport that year.

She and Milan are planning to marry soon, which can only serve as a relief to her – having a surname that sounds like ‘whore’ must lower the self-esteem of any glamour girl.

Edita Hortova 3

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