WAG No. 118: Elle Isaac

Crystal Palace’s greatest contribution to Waggery, society


Anyone who has sat in the rickety wooden stand above the Player’s Lounge at Selhurst Park will know it’s not the most glamorous place in the world, yet you may frequently find WAGs Boutique star Elle Isaac sitting there, drinking in the crisp Croydon air. She met Palace and Barbados midfielder Paul Ifill while working as a bar manager in Brighton during her university holidays, and they had a daughter named Romy in 2006.

Elle is pictured above with fellow WAGs Boutique shop assistants Charlotte Meares, Jadene Bircham, Heather Swan and Cassie Sumner. On the show, Elle revealed that she has over 100 pairs of shoes and her preferred holiday destinations are Barbados and, um, Devon.

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