WAG No. 117: Luciana Salazar

Playboy model who is currently enjoying a ‘cyber-romance’ with fugly Barcelona star

Luciana Salazar

Leo Messi isn’t the most handsome sportsman in the world, but that hasn’t stopped him pursuing Playboy model and popular Argentinean media figure Luciana Salazar. The 27-year-old blonde is currently based in Buenos Aires, so with the exception of one phone call, their relationship has thus far blossomed exclusively online.

Apparently, Leo was planning dedicate a goal to her against Brazil last week with an ‘L for Luciana/loser’ hand salute. Unfortunately, that goal never happened, and Luciana and her ginormous chest remain un-saluted.

Luciana’s life in the media began at age four when she appeared in a television commercial, and she has since worked on Argentinean tv shows including Costumbres argentinas, de las buenas y de las malas (‘Argentine customs, the good and the bad’) and Luli in Love, an erotic series for Playboy TV. Luciana is also extremely popular in Chile, probably because she decided to bare her breasts during the MTV Video Music Awards Latin America of 2003. For some reason, she was also voted Germany’s ‘representative’ in World Cup 2006.

Spoiler bonus:
There is a thoroughly NSFW Luciana Salazar sex tape floating around on the internet, so look it up if you are so inclined. For now, check out this compilation of Luciana repeatedly accentuating her favourite body parts on South American television…