WAG No. 110: Elisha Cuthbert

North America’s most prolific ‘puck bunny’


On the other side of the pond, WAGs who like to snare their partners from the National Hockey League are known as ‘puck bunnies’, and the most celebrated of the pack is Canadian actress Elisha Cuthbert. According to the beauts at wagrankings.com, she grew up as a huge hockey fan and is currently a season ticket holder at the Los Angeles Kings. Her stick wielding scalps have included New York Rangers’ Sean Avery, Montreal Canadiens’ Mike Komisarek and she currently steps out with Calgary Flames defenceman Dion Phaneuf.


Most of you will recognise Elisha as the impossibly misfortunate Kim Bauer in 24 – her ditzy highlight occurred when she was caught in a bear trap and then was terrorised by a wild cougar – but she has also starred in films including The Girl Next Door (a bit rubbish), House of Wax (boasting a cast that included Paris Hilton) and Captivity (a film whose only interesting feature was its controversial promotion).



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