WAG No. 104: Nuria Bermúdez

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The best nude model/ football agent/ Euro 2008 WAG out there


It appears that Nereida Gallardo isn’t the only Spanish WAG who will display her chemically-enhanced chest at the drop of a five Euro note. Today’s WAG of the Day is Nuria Bermúdez, one of Madrid’s most recognized ‘It’ girls who makes Danielle Lloyd’s impressive tally of footballer conquests look laughable.

In her prime, which appears to have begun not long after her fifteenth birthday, she boasted that she had slept with no less than six of Real Madrid’s first team. In addition, she claimed to have exchanged ‘raunchy texts’ with David Beckham and was sued by Luis Figo for suggesting he was two-timing his lovely model wife Helen Svedin with her. Interestingly, neither player ever denied the allegations.

As you may expect from any self-respecting lady who will happily remove her top on live television, she has served her time under C-Ron. During Euro 2008, however, the salacious wild child will be cheering on her new-ish husband, Spanish striker Dani Güiza.


Tempted to write Nuria off as a bimbo who lives for tabloid exposure? Don’t – in 2006, she became an official UEFA football agent, and she actually brokered her husband’s €5million move to RCD Mallorca.

These days, she wishes to be taken seriously as an executive – she probably carries a briefcase and attends ‘power breakfasts’. But before her professional reawakening, Nuria pursued the fields of acting (her debut in Plauto, recuerdo distorsionado de un tonto eventual was heavily panned) and music (more on that below).

Also, she had the honour of being the subject of a malicious email worm virus in 2004: boob fans expected to open naked pictures of the Spaniard, but were instead treated to an embarrassing visit to the computer repair shop.


Spoiler bonus: Nuria’s claims about David Beckham enraged his wife, so to rub her nose in it even more, she joined Spanish Girls, a carbon copy of Posh’s popular beat combo.

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