Vote: Was Kaka right to turn down the Man City deal?

Brazilian snubs chance to own rocket car and solid gold house


After hearing the pleas of AC Milan fans and a little voice in the back of his head that said “Don’t chase the money,” Kaka has officially withdrawn from transfer negotiations with Manchester City.

Safe in the comfort of not having to make such a huge decision, both Fernando Torres and David Beckham expressed their doubts about the move this week, and in many ways, they are right. Living up to such a stupendous price tag would put unbelievable strain on the Brazilian, and if the Manchester City revolution doesn’t go according to plan, he could have faced the prospect of plenty of nights watching Champions League football on the TV.

Some, however, would argue that he is a fool for turning down the best wages to play in the best league in the world for a team with lofty ambitions.

So, did Kaka do good or did Kaka do bad? Let us know below…

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