VOTE: Should Benitez push for the Juventus job?

There’s always one


In metaphorical Liverpool FC relationship terms, Rafa Benitez is like a man feverishly attempting to hold onto a handful of sand, becoming ever more frantic as the grains flow through the gaps in his podgy fingers, and soon, all that will remain is the putrid, sticky sand that has matted to his sweaty palms – namely Gillett and Hicks. No one else (except perhaps him up there, pictured).

But there is a whisper coming from today’s Daily Mail that there could be an escape route from this horrible football nightmare for the Spaniard, as Juventus look set to part company with Ciro Ferrera this week, with a long-term vacancy opening in the summer.

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He reportedly has a good relationship with Roberto Bettega – a big hitter in the Juve boardroom. It’s clear that Hicks won’t be investing any of the £310million he made from the sale of his baseball team, Texas Rangers, into Liverpool. And now Rafa’s agent, Manuel Garcia Quilon, has said this:

“Benitez to Juventus? In football, you never know.”

Or do you? What do YOU think? Time for Rafa to bite the bullet and head off to sunny Italy?

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