Vote: Would you rather win the Champions League or the Premiership?

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To be the greatest in England, or the greatest in Europe?


Most Liverpool fans would probably rather see their team lift the league trophy at the end of the season than another Champions League victory, while the majority of Manchester Utd fans may feel the opposite way. Argentinean midfielder Javier Mascherano has re-opened the debate with quotes in this morning’s Guardian:

“I know the Liverpool fans want to win the league because they’ve won the Champions League recently but the Champions League is a dream for me.

“If you ask 200 players, 90% will say that they want to win the Champions League. The World Cup is the most important competition for any footballer, but then comes the Champions League. I have spoken with many Argentina players and some of them have been in Europe for 10 years and haven’t played in a semi-final of the Champions League, let alone a final. That’s why it’s my dream to win it. When you lose a game, there is more motivation than when you win. You keep the pain. When you win, maybe you will be happy for an hour, then you forget about it.”

So Spoiler readers, which do you deem the more important competition – the one that shows you are the best team in the greatest league in the world, or the one that shows you can overcome Europe’s finest in a shorter (but arguably more glamarous) competition?

Votes and comments below, please.

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