UK football grounds as they were 30 years ago

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From the archives…


The Spoiler has gone a bit World Cup crazy today, so before everyone knocks off for an extended weekend of lounging in the sun sheltering from the rain, we’d thought we’d leave you with an oldie, but a goodie from the annals of domestic football.

Football Ground Guide has compiled video footage shot at grounds all over the UK between the 1979 and 1981 seasons. Recorded on Super 8 film, the charismatically grubby pictures are a (surprisingly) haunting look back at a time before all-seater stadiums and people in orange jackets shouting “sit down please, mate”.

A lot of it, like the White Hart Lane one above, is set to *that* song out of American Beauty, so don’t watch too long if you’re a weepy old git.

Enjoy your break, Josh will be back in a week.

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