Uh oh, Ronaldinho’s in trouble

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Brazilian goes out on the lash…



Oh dear, Ronaldinho has been at it again – partying until the mid-afternoon with swarms of sexually attractive women in South American nightclubs. His AC Milan bosses are not happy at all about this.

The whisper on the street is that following Brazil’s flat no-score-draw with their friendly neighbours, Bolivia, the handsome forward was smuggled into a club, and didn’t leave until lunchtime the following day. Hardened security guards were even on hand to confiscate mobile phones, or any other aparatus with which loiterers could record the footballer having the time of his life.

It’s not the first time the former Barcelona man has been caught out having a great time – rumours abound that back in his Barca days he was known to hide in car boots to avoid detection when he’d been clubbing. The man, who could eat a melon through a letter box, is a party animal.

On returning to AC Milan, he had an atrocious game against Genoa and was hauled off at half time, and now AC honcho Signor Galliani is absolutely livid about the whole messy business.

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