Uh-oh, Robinho might be stuck at City

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Is someone going to get a little bit grumpy?


If you heard a blood-curdling scream coming from the far more polished areas of the North West over the weekend, don’t be frightened, it was probably just Robinho reacting to a small story translated to him over breakfast from The Sunday Times’ sports section.

The gist of it being that his Barcelona jail break might be rather less likely than the tricky Brazilian would have hoped – the growing whispers suggesting that the European champs have tired of scraping around for the coins to unleash him from his Manchester shackles, and have turned their attentions to the considerably more local talents of Valencia’s David Silva instead.

Of course, a move to the Nou Camp was scuppered in the summer, and now it looks likely that the bluer side of Manchester will have to endure the unruly sight of a broken man half-heartedly hoofing the ball in the vague direction of Carlos Tevez during the most important segment of the season.

In other intriguing weekend news regarding Man City players, Emmanuel Adebayor thought “to hell with free downloads!” and paid a humble cabbie £50 for the UB40 CD that was winking at him seductively from the dashboard (courtesy of the News of the World).

Enjoy some UB40 after the jump…

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