Uh-oh Rafa, Hiddink was approached by Liverpool

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Watch your back, Rafa


In many ways, you have to admire Rafa Benitez – even if his on-screen confidence is close to becoming both preposterous and absurd. He just will not budge. And should the downward spiral continue, you could yet find the Spaniard waving nonchalantly as he wanders to his seat in the dugout, blissfully ignoring the cabbages and tomatoes that keep splatting on his bulbous face.

Astonishing levels of self-belief aside, the Benitez armour might have felt one of the more dramatic thuds this morning, with news filtering through that Guus Hiddink – a manager keen to get back to work in the Premier League – was approached by Liverpool about stepping in at some point in the near future.

According to reports in today’s Telegraph, Hiddink’s agent – the beautifully named Cees Van Nieuwenhuizen – said this:

“I have spoken with representatives of four clubs and five national federations.”

“Almost all of the options have previously been mentioned in the press – Manchester City, Liverpool, Juventus… “

As things stand, Turkey are keen to get the Dutchman at the helm for around £7million/year, but Van Nieuwenhuizen dropped a few hints that club football might be more the ticket.

“It all depends on how a club is organised. For example, if the model is like Manchester United and Alex Ferguson, then Guus would be interested.”

“After all, Sir Alex is not so much a coach at his club than a manager or technical director, identifying the club’s transfer policy and organising the entire workforce.”

“Ferguson does not even attend first-team training every day. This is a well-known fact!”

“But Sir Alex is older than Guus. So I can easily imagine Hiddink leading a serious European club under such a model.”

Ahem (hint, hint).

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