Uh-oh, looks like Anderson’s in big trouble with Fergie

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“Yay, high ten!… now sod off.”


It’s a known fact that the most efficient method of escape from Man United is to locate the high point of Sir Alex Ferguson’s rage. Jaap Stam took up the rather cumbersome practice of book writing to infuriate his boss. Keane really cut down the man hours by venting his own fury on television.

And now Anderson has opted for the old fashioned “going A.W.O.L” approach – once a very popular method amongst frightened soldiers who simply couldn’t bring themselves to kill any more.

According to this morning’s Daily Mirror, the young Brazilian was missing from last night’s squad, having decided to stroll into an airport – casual as you like – buy a ticket to Brazil, and then fly away. All, apparently, without the blessing of the charming Scotsman who controls his life.

This will surely end with Anderson getting booted out in disgrace, though rather smiling to himself, because the word is that he’s over in sunny South America hammering out a deal with Vasco de Gama – a club which found the great Romario returning for four separate stints, fact fans.

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