Uh oh, apparently Gudjohnsen did a “Nazi salute”

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Don’t mention the war


Everyone’s been there – you wake up from the banky hols, your mind’s hazy, you feel hollow, you run through the functioning memory files from the previous night. You shiver as you recall telling a girl from France (or Spain) that you’re a big deal. Did her friends laugh at you because you were charming? Or was it because nine bottles of WKD had persuaded your buddies to splash water on your groin for a joke?

You’re a mess. Still, at least you didn’t do a Nazi salute.

All of which leads rather seamlessly to Eidur Gudjohnsen, who is presumably feeling the hot burn of big-night-out shame, after a report in today’s Daily Starsuggests that he got pretty toasted in a swishy London bar (the Pig’s Ear), before horrifying onlookers with what looked like an ill-thought-out joke about Nazi Germany:

His legal spokesman insisted that his gesture “carried no connection whatsoever with the Nazis, Hitler, or any other Nazi connotations.”

He added: “Mr Gudjohnsen does not, and would never, see the Nazi regime as any kind of laughing matter.”

But last night  the player was panned by religious leaders. Edie Friedman, of the Jewish Council for Racial Equality, said: “Such behaviour is totally wrong. Given it’s the run-up to the election and extremist groups are competing for the public’s imagination, the timing couldn’t have been worse.”

According to Gudjohnsen’s drinking buddies, this is all just a big mix up, and he was actually telling a smutty finger sniffing joke about a Mexican.

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