Transfer news: Liverpool clear out, plus Bentley… again

“Goodbye Anfield!”


Thank sweet baby Moses that Mother Nature can’t snow on the spirits of hard working sports journalists. Yes, she has managed to bugger up the Carling Cup semi-finals. But can she freeze the transfer market? No sir, she can not.

Hence, while the rest of us huddle together in the snow, insisting that it actually makes scientific sense to remove our outer layers and be naked with one another, the people who gather stories for all of the big papers – The Sun, The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail – have been sizzling up keyboards with news about footballers going from one club to another. Here’s what we know:

Even with Jack Frost feverishly smearing cold fingers all over the beardless areas of his face, Rafa Benitez might yet be able to squeeze a smile, with news that his three least-treasured possessions have finally found new homes.

As already reported, Babel could be Birmingham-bound. And further to that, the whisper is that Voronin – he who looks like he should be selling intriguing “happy” tablets at dance music festivals – is going to Dynamo Moscow, whilst Andrea Dossena (a man) has supposedly already signed for Napoli on the quiet.

On the downside for Benitez, his big January target Maxi Rodriguez mightn’t yet be in the bag. News drifting in suggests that Spurs could scupper the whole thing by offering David Bentley – quickly morphing from “man” into “currency” – as part of the deal.

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