Tottenham reveal the name of their new stadium

The Naming Rights Arena is nearly a reality



Last month, the official Tottenham website posted details on their new stadium, and they have now added some splendid 3-dimensional images of the structure to be built on the 20-acre Northumberland Development Project. Knowing that people today feel uncomfortable with entertainment unless it is endorsed by a global corporation (Barclays Premier League, anyone?), they plan to sell the stadium’s name to the highest bidder. Either ‘Naming Rights’ is an airline we’ve never heard of, or no one has come forward with the cash.


When we first saw this stadium, we believed it to be a curvy interpretation of the Emirates, but according to Tottenham’s OS, the design echoes the “flowing lines of football”, whatever that means:

“The visuals of the new stadium show that it’s really seen as a building which responds to the brand, which we see as representing style and flowing lines of football.”We have spent a great deal of time looking at different roof formations. The roof has been designed to focus the noise back onto the crowd and onto the pitch. All seating is enclosed, there are no open corners, so everything is focused back onto the pitch and the acoustics will maximise the impact of the vocal support from fans. The stadium will have a roof that allows us to have four large screens up in the top corners, which means every spectator will be able to see a whole host of information.

“The plans we have produced will result in close proximity for the fans to the pitch, we are going to be meters closer than other stadiums of comparable size. We are fine tuning the plans and these will ultimately determine the final capacity.”