Tottenham release images and details of new stadium

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The Naming Rights Arena is starting to take shape


Tottenham first released official details of the proposed Northumberland Development Project last year, and have decided to whet our appetites with a few more pictures and details.

The 58,000 capacity stadium – which looks ever-so-slightly similar to another Premier League ground just down the road –  will be the centrepiece of a complex that will include a luxury hotel, and a space for community events, such as street markets, performers, ice rink or educational activities.

More pictures after the jump…


Club chairman Daniel Levy says:

“Too often new stadiums are surrounded by empty, dead space and we did not want that in Tottenham. Instead, with these new plans for the public square and public space, we have embraced the opportunity to create something truly special for local people.

“In respect of the stadium, we have been urging our architects to push the boundaries on technical design aspects in order to create a tighter bowl and an unbeatable match-day atmosphere. We are currently well known for the fantastic support from the stands and we wanted to ensure that this was retained and prioritised at a new stadium.”


If you’d like more information, Tottenham have released a PDF. It’s 20MB and almost certain to break all but the most robust computers, so download it at your peril.

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