Thinking of going to Moscow? Read this first

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The struggle to join Sir John Major at the UCL final rages on

If you are planning to head behind the Iron Curtain for the May 21 Champions League final, it seems you will need to earn the equivalent of the GDP of a medium-sized African nation to stand a chance of securing transportation.

The last BA seats to Moscow were sold at £900 each way, and it appears the only option now is to charter a private jet. Four Chelsea and eight Manchester Utd fans have already chartered a 14-seater G4 private jet (perhaps two of them like to put their feet up) using this company. If you can bear the thought of leaving your gated community and hand-built sports car collection behind, seats on these VIP aircraft are starting at £4,000. So, along with a £6,000ticket, the minimum damage for taking in ninety minutes of football is £10,000. Sound good?

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