Think before you buy your first car, says wise man Arshavin

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For those of you yet to taste the delights of the magnificent Andrey Arshavin blog, really, you must. The set up is simple: strange people send in their bizarre and intrusive questions, then the tiny little footballer answers them. Only with added flair.

Highlights of the latest post can be found after the jump…

4. From Kristik007
What element suits you better? (Water, fire, sky …)
: Perhaps, water.

9. From verylagcomp
Andrey, I would like to ask how you fight laziness. (If it is your case, of course 🙂 And what would you advise to do to resist it? Thanks in advance for your reply.
 With great difficulty 🙂

14. From SalamanDra
Tell me, when you wake up, do you get immediately out of bed or do you look at the ceiling before you get up?)))
 It depends on the position I wake up in.

17. From trashnat
Here is my question. Is it worth it to try and correct a man whose vices are unbearable for society?
: Probably it’s worth it. He is still not a brainless animal.

19. From alexanderpetrov
Andrey, what do you think a first car should be like? Is it worth it to buy a car that was produced last year if given a discount? I’m interested in your opinion 🙂 Thanks in advance for your reply 🙂 Good luck!
 You should consider your budget and figure out your financial capabilities.

Wise words.

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