Thierry Henry, Leo Messi and Barack Obama caught with their pants down

Festive Catalan tradition sees famous people taking a crap


Since the 18th century, Catalonians have celebrated Christmas by placing a ‘Caganer’ (’Shitter’) in a nativity scene, with the hope that a defecating figure will bring propserity and a good harvest. In days gone by, a small bearded man in full Catalan costume would have been hidden in the festive display, but like everything else, this tradition has been taken over by commercialism and the world of celebrity.

Last Christmas, Thierry Henry’s caganer was a hot seller in the region, but this year Leo Messi is by far the most popular sportsman to take a shit inbetween the baby Jesus and the Three Wise Men.

Due to internet orders from the USA and the Americas, however, the biggest seller of the year is a certain President-elect. Check out caganers of Obama, Gordron Brown and Nicolas Sarkozy after the jump…



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