Thierry Henry diagnosed with Mr Lonely syndrome

Spanish paper travels deep inside superstar’s head to locate the source of his poor form


The Barcelona daily Sport today wonders “What’s the matter with Thierry Henry?” as, indeed, it does most days. On this occasion, however, it thinks it has found the real reason why the Frenchman is the shadow of the player they thought they were buying.

“Thierry Henry blames his poor form on being apart from his daughter,” the paper solemnly intones, but then ominously, “there are other reasons that for the moment are being covered up.

“From sources close to the player, we are told that Henry feels very lonely, doesn’t understand why the press give him so much stick, is having a hard time settling, and that the club isn’t helping him very much as everyone just minds their own business.” Won’t someone give Thierry Henry a home this Easter?

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