Theo Walcott firmly shuts the stable door

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Walcott does his talking – with his mouth


The Spoiler hasn’t been this confused since it watched No Country for Old Menon DVD last week – it’s brilliant, isn’t it? Isn’t it? Or just a bit overrated? Or is it just far too clever for the likes of us? Oh, bloody hell, we don’t know.

Anyway, Theo Walcott has sent our minds whirring again with his admission that he took a dive against Leeds United in the FA Cup on Saturday.

On the one hand it’s a refreshing bit of honesty from a player who, by all accounts, is a rather charming young chap. However, there’s a nagging feeling in the pit of the stomach – it doesn’t quite sit right.

Would Walcott have been quite so quick to admit his indiscretion if the penalty had been given? Should he have just not said anything? What will Arsene Wenger think? But he cheated. But he sounds so sweet…


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