The Spoiler’s Mario Balotelli gets in more trouble – excellent!

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Mazza gets the caption treatment


The Spoiler’s first love was pretty mean to us. She kicked us really hard right in the knackers once and ended up kissing our best friend at a 10th birthday party in a swimming pool – flagrantly ignoring the ‘no petting’ sign while she was at it. And yet we still loved her.

Those hopeless feelings of inadequacy and despair come crashing back every time we see Mario Balotelli has been up to more nonsense. This weekend he got booked again (he’s now got more bookings than goals for the Citizens) and then created an almighty sh*tstorm at the end with his celebrating in front of the United support and giving Rio a cheeky wink.

And yet we still love him. We’ve disliked millions of other players for less than he gets up to in an average week but we STILL LOVE HIM. God, it hurts…

Anyway, we don’t know who did the picture above, but we like it. If you’ve done it and want some well deserved credit, just contact us and we’ll sort it out…

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