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The Spoiler Awards

Now that all the proper football has finished and we’re left with a summer of reading how Cesc Fabregas will be off to Barcelona any minute and that Man City have bid £3.2billion for Zlatan Ibrahimovic, The Spoiler thought it would be a good time to have a nostalgic, rose-tinted look back the season just gone.

Even better than that, we’re giving out awards that don’t even exist! First up is the ‘award’ for Match of the Season…

Because The Spoiler is on the internet and can be read as far and wide as Kidderminster and Taunton, we’re looking at things on a truly global scale (although mainly Europe, if we’re honest) and not limiting ourselves to the English and Welsh Premier League.

The Spoiler bloody enjoyed the game between Lazio and Napoli in April. We only turned it on by happy accident when we had time to murder, but ended up watching all of it and being an hour late to a birthday party.

Lazio were 2-0 up after 56 minutes, Napoili levelled it at 2-2, then Lazio scored through a Salvatore Aronica own-goal to make it 3-2. HOWEVER! It wasn’t done there – not by a long shot, Sir. Napoli’s Edinson Cavani went on to score his second and third goals of the game in the last ten minutes to make it 4-3.

Great stuff.

Closer to home, Arsenal may have won eff all again, but they’ve been involved in some rather enjoyable games.

The two matches against Spurs were completely good but the 3-3 draw at White Hart Lane in April just shades it. The Gunners went 3-1 up before a Tom Huddlestone smash and a Rafael van der Vaart penalty levelled it. It was frantic and flipping good fun.

The Gunners’ 4-4 draw against Newcastle also deserves a mention although – as we don’t think it was actually live on telly (?) – we’re not sure it can be our Match of the Season.

So, we’ve deliberated, cogitated and digested and decided The Spoiler’s Match of the Season is…


It takes something pretty bloody special for a 5-0 hammering to be considered the Match of the Season, but this was absolutely, amazingly nice.

Barcelona were incredible. They were beautiful. They were sex on 22-legs.

Unfortunately, The Spoiler only saw about half of it because the rest of the time we were staring at our housemate mouthing expletives and making the kind of sounds we’d make if Eva Mendez did something well sexy in front of us.

It could turn out to be the defining game of this generation’s defining team.

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