The secret’s out, Thierry

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You’ve got to get up pretty early in the morning to fool us


It’s not easy being an investigative journalist, you know. You have to work long hours, be willing to go that extra mile, dig deep. And you can forget about having a successful marriage/relationship with anyone, because when you’re in the thick of a big story, you won’t have time to snog. That’s probably why The Spoiler sticks to not being an investigative journalist. It’s just easier that way.

But as a nod to the men/women with their eyes peering through big magnifying glasses 24/7, we stumbled across this picture of Thierry Henry in New York, and started slowly scratching our faces as we pieced together the various bits of the puzzle.

First, as reported just a few days ago, he told some New York hack that he wanted to spend his last few playing days showing Americans how best to silently celebrate a goal. Then he was left out of Barcelona’s promotional 2008/2009 posters. And now he’s swanning around Soho (in New York, not London), wearing what can only be described as New York City street gear – from the pretend tie on his ironic t-shirt to the zany high-top sneakers.

So, can we conclude that he’ll be plying his wares in NYC next term? You damn well bet we can!

We think.

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