The Premier League ‘up for grabs’ XI

An entire team of gentlemen looking for a new employer


The transfer window is now wide open, and there are countless players itching to increase their fortunes by kissing the crest of a new club. Here’s eleven of the greediest best…

Scott Carson
Liverpool are so fed up with Carson that they would rather bring in a shiny new reserve keeper like Antti Niemi. Aston Villa chucked him too, so Scott is simply begging for someone to pick him up.

Potential suitors: Middlesbrough, West Brom

Nicky Shorey
This time last year, Shorey was strutting his stuff in the England squad and was supposedly the apple of West Ham’s eye. He stayed aboard the Good Ship Reading and watched it capsize in May, and now wants another taste of the Premier League.

Potential suitors: West Ham, Portsmouth, Aston Villa, Newcastle

Anton Ferdinand
The younger Ferdinand has gone from being charged with assault to becoming one of the most sought-after defenders in the Premier League. It’s hard to see Joey Barton’s transformation going that smoothly.

Potential suitors: Tottenham, Aston Villa, Newcastle

Richard Dunne
They don’t bother voting for Man City’s player of the year any more because this guy wins all the time. Dunne was upset with Sven’s sacking and eager to leave, though rumours suggest Mark Hughes may have talked him round.

Potential suitors: Portsmouth, Tottenham, West Ham, Aston Villa, Newcastle

Pascal Chimbonda
Juande Ramos employed subtle techniques to let the Frenchman know he isn’t wanted, like signing two new players in his position months after taking over. But if you cast aside his idiotic tendencies, Chimbonda is a talented defender, who could stay in the top flight.

Potential suitors:
 Fulham, Aston Villa, Portsmouth, Newcastle

Cristiano Ronaldo
There’s not been much speculation to speak of, but we have a slight suspicion that there might be a big club confident of signing Ronaldo this summer. Surely the tricky winger wouldn’t put his foot in it by speaking up about a dream move elsewhere, though?

Potential suitor: Real Madrid

Gareth Barry
After controversially snaring Yossi Benayoun from West Ham last summer, Liverpool have now decided to bully Aston Villa by stealing their captain with the promise of letting him spend lots of time with his best mate Steven Gerrard.

Potential suitors: Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea

Frank Lampard
Chelsea upset Princess Frank with their sensible ridiculous refusal to offer the 29-year-old a four-year megabucks contract, and with Jose Mourinho pouting lovingly from afar, there is every chance that Chelsea’s midfield could be a lot lighter next season.

Potential suitors: Inter Milan, Barcelona

David Bentley
While Ronaldo enjoys tempting everyone with comments about playing in white, Bentley is a lot blunter, simply telling Blackburn that they’re not good enough for him any more and that he wants European football.

Potential suitors: Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham, Aston Villa

Dimitar Berbatov
Shy Dimi doesn’t actually say much to suggest he wants to leave, but his agent never shuts up. Ever since Berbatov first put on a Spurs shirt he’s been linked with a move away, but this year he will go without any doubt. Maybe.

Potential suitors: Man United, Chelsea, Barcelona, AC Milan, Ajax

Didier Drogba
For about 18 months Drogba has been annoying everyone at Chelsea by telling French magazines he wants to leave. But now they actually wouldn’t mind getting shot of him, he decides it might be worth sticking around for a while.

Potential suitors: AC Milan, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, Barcelona

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