The Liverpool revolving door starts to spin, and other news…

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Larissa Riquelme – have one last look


No doubt some of you have spent the last few days slowly coming to terms with Paraguay not winning, which means that the sexy fan won’t be stripping in celebration. But dry those eyes. The Spoiler may not be psychic, but a nearby crystal ball/pavement pebble has decreed that she will probably get them out anyway. Patience friends. Patience. In other news, here’s what’s being said about transfers (thanks to the Daily MailThe Sun etc…): 

Oh, what’s this? Fernando Torres has been linked with Chelsea! Without wanting to dance around childishly, or revel in our discovery with all the grace of a bounty hunter lugging the head of Osama Bin Laden, The Spoiler should point out that this news was broken here, like, weeks ago.

That’s the self-congratulatory stuff out of the way.

Further news suggests that Rafa Benitez is slowly morphing into a fairground mirror version of Jose Mourinho, as he now only travels with an entourage – in Mourinho’s case, he’s gone to Real Madrid with Maicon striding behind, whilst Benitez is reportedly copycatting the trick, but with Glen Johnson.

He’d already asked Javier Mascherano, and if Glen’s not having it either, he’ll presumably work steadily through the list, until it’s just him and Ryan Babel, alone in a restaurant, awkwardly sharing a pizza.

Also linked with an Inter move is Tottenham’s most handsome Arctic Monkey-alike, Gareth Bale.

And now, in simple two-word news:

Mueller, Chelsea.

Fabregas, on.

Deco, off.

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