The hottest WAGs of Euro 2008

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With no British presence, you’ll need something to look at


It was the 2006 World Cup that really embedded the concept of Waggery deep into the conscience of this tiny island we all share, yet this summer, Posh, Cheryl et al will not be spending their time in the finest hard plastic seats Switzerland and Austria have to offer. Thanks, Mr McClaren.

This does not mean, however, that the stands will be devoid of eye candy – far from it. Sylvie (above), wife of Holland’s Rafael van der Vaart, will be just one of many devastatingly beautiful WAGs who will have pitch side snappers aiming their long lenses in the opposite direction to Dirk Kuyt.

Noemie Lenoir

Supermodel and wife of France’s Claude Makélélé, Miss Noémie Lenoir.

Alena Seredova

Former Miss Czech Republic Alena Seredova, wife of Gianluigi Buffon.

Marta Cecchetto

Luca Toni’s better half, Marta Cecchetto.

Stay tuned to The Spoiler this week for more of Euro 2008’s female highlights.

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