The best and worst of Newcastle fans’ anti-Ashley protest signs

Well… at least it gets straight to the point

The best and worst 1

Prior to their match against Liverpool on Saturday, angry Newcastle fans prepared to keep themselves entertained for the 90 minute mauling ahead (which never came, thanks to another limp-dicked performance from the Reds) by bringing a range of angry flags and placards, some thoughtful, some fantastically crappy, to let owner Mike Ashley and outgoing manager Chris Hughton know exactly how they feel…


No room for misinterpretation here really, is there?


Chris Hughton, a ‘prop-a Geordie’ born and raised in the small Tyneside hamlet of STRATFORD, EAST LONDON (almost certainly not a Cockney Mafia stronghold)


Your N is on backwards, mate


Early Nineties Geordie Guy breaks out the witty battle raps


Take note everyone else: this…


…is how you do it.

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