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WAG No. 264: Nives Celzijus

Playboy model who enjoys a spot of love making on the pitch Defender Dino Drpić has spent his entire career at Dinamo Zagreb, and is generally well-loved. His ability to focus on the ….

WAG No. 257: Salomé Khorasanchi

It’s Persia’s hottest supporting lady American-Belgian defender Oguchi Onyewu hardly set the Premier League alight in his eleven appearances at Newcastle Utd in 2007, but the man they call “Gooch” has done ….

WAG No. 237: Claudia Galanti

Another member of Italy’s complex network of hot WAGs Up until a few months ago, Paraguayan model and “showgirl” Claudio Galanti was happily married to Italian entrepreneur Stefano Ricucci (whose ex-wife is the ….

WAG No. 227: Danielle Lloyd

Serial footballer admirer snares victim number six Danielle Lloyd is to footballer steamrollerings what Bob Dylan is to songwriting: prolific. Until this day she had still to be inducted into the WAG ….

WAG No. 213: Danielle Gamba

The Playboy bunny who deemed this man attractive It seems that Andy Roddick isn’t the only one who can select a female partner by flicking through a magazine. Chicago White Sox switch hitter Nick Swisher reportedly spotted Playboy model Danielle Gamba “in ….

WAG No. 208: Sapphira O’Shannon

Proof that the best WAGs don’t always hang around the top flight Hiding away in the Conference is sensational WAG Sapphira O’Shannon, who last year featured as a ‘Lower League Lovely’ ….

WAG No. 203: Milene Domingues

The wife Brazilian Ronaldo should have held onto We at The Spoiler have showcased Maria Beatriz Antony, Daniela Cicarelli and Raica Oliveira for your consideration, and today we presented the first piece in Ronaldo’s sexy lady puzzle. In 1999, ….

WAG No. 201: Nadine Coyle

Popstar switches from proper football to American football Everybody knows that manufactured popular beat combo Girls Aloud have one of the nation’s finest WAGs among their ranks (you know, the pretty ….

WAG No. 197: Siobhan Parekh

Say “strewth” to an Australian… Think of a city in Australia. No, you idiot, not that one, another one. OK, no, not that one either. Stop getting it wrong. Relax. ….