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The Spoiler’s “Crossing the Divide” XI

Heading off to Man United? In a move now commonly known as “The Reverse Carlos Tevez”, it looks like Micah Richards might yet navigate himself across the Manchester divide during the January transfer window. ….

WAG No. 242: Livia Lemos

(Fat) Ronaldo somehow persuaded this woman to sleep with him (Fat Brazilian) Ronaldo may spend far too much of his free time knocking about with porn stars and transvestite prostitutes, but his dashing good ….

WAG No. 203: Milene Domingues

The wife Brazilian Ronaldo should have held onto We at The Spoiler have showcased Maria Beatriz Antony, Daniela Cicarelli and Raica Oliveira for your consideration, and today we presented the first piece in Ronaldo’s sexy lady puzzle. In 1999, ….

WAG No. 186: Raica Oliveira

Another one steamrollered by fat Ronaldo… No doubt about it, before he started wearing womanly hats and smearing treacle into his bulbous stomach, Ronaldo was having a terrific time with ….