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12 footballers who look like famous women

Including these guys… Ever looked at a footballer and wondered where you might have seen him before? Perhaps this will help (after the jump). It comes courtesy of Betfair Football’s Dan Fitch, ….

Ronaldinho prepares for the Milan derby

Brazilian makes tough choice between dreads and cornrows In preparation for his starring role on the bench in Sunday night’s Milan derby, Ronaldinho has stopped partying long enough to sit down and ….

WAG No. 277: Aline Domingos

Milan’s partyboy hits the Brazilian model jackpot At present, Ronaldinho hasn’t much cause to flash his horse-like grin on the pitch – Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti recently claimed the team has found ….

WAG No. 262: Alexandra Paressant

If this liar was wearing pants, they would probably be on fire Some ladies will go the distance to become a WAG, but not all will go as far as Alexandra ….