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WAG No. 95: Anine Bing

This kindly Danish women is also a MODEL! Say whatever the Danish is for “hello” to Anine, the lovely girl who happily goes out with Sweden’s Anders Svensson, a valiant ….

WAG No. 54: Laisa Andrioli

Denilson’s latest training partner shows talent on and off the field If Ashley Cole is seeking advice on how to juggle women, he need look no further than Denilson (the ….

WAG No.30: Jennifer Walcott

Today we are celebrating international WAGs, and they don’t come much more international than AN AMERICAN. The American in question is called Jennifer Walcott, her first language is AMERICAN, she’s ….

No. 1: Amanda Harrington

Who does Joey Barton love almost as much as fighting? If you happen to frequent Liverpool’s Newz bar, then you have no problem with atrocious modern spelling or bumping into ….