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WAG No. 295: Gina Pistol

Say hello to Germany’s latest Playboy WAG The Bundesliga is still reeling from the introduction of Playboy model Nives Celzijus to its cast of supporting ladies, and now they recently welcomed another beauty who has appeared ….

WAG No. 286: Vanessa Carbone

The Playboy model who is no relation to Benito Carbone He may have the appearance of a dishevelled wet dog, but Carlos Tevez does pretty well with the ladies. The Manchester Utd striker’s enjoyed ….

WAG No. 270: Hedvika Koller

Pretty model marries huge, scary looking man After yesterday’s rather splendid appearance from WAG Klára Medková, we thought it highly appropriate to keep the Czech Playboy model theme going today. The lady above ….

WAG No. 269: Klára Medková

West Ham just got a lot sexier West Ham’s position in the fiercely fought Premier League WAG hotness league was bolstered this season when Valon Behrami joined and introduced Elena Bonzanni to the roster. East ….

WAG No. 264: Nives Celzijus

Playboy model who enjoys a spot of love making on the pitch Defender Dino Drpić has spent his entire career at Dinamo Zagreb, and is generally well-loved. His ability to focus on the ….

WAG No. 242: Livia Lemos

(Fat) Ronaldo somehow persuaded this woman to sleep with him (Fat Brazilian) Ronaldo may spend far too much of his free time knocking about with porn stars and transvestite prostitutes, but his dashing good ….

WAG No. 215: Kim Kardashian

Say hello to an American socialite with a large bottom Kim Kardashian has two prominent links to American football – not only is she the daughter of Robert Kardashian, the lawyer ….

WAG No. 213: Danielle Gamba

The Playboy bunny who deemed this man attractive It seems that Andy Roddick isn’t the only one who can select a female partner by flicking through a magazine. Chicago White Sox switch hitter Nick Swisher reportedly spotted Playboy model Danielle Gamba “in ….