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WAG No. 249: Jordan

A tribute to one of the Prem’s most notorious supporting ladies If this is your first encounter with Jordan, perhaps the internet isn’t for you. Katrina Amy Alexandria Alexis Infield (Katie ….

WAG No. 243: Erica Ellyson

Barenaked lady with a penchant for rounders players The unashamedly naked young lady above is none other than Erica Ellyson, also known as 2008’s Penthouse Pet of the Year. The clothes-shy ….

WAG No. 242: Livia Lemos

(Fat) Ronaldo somehow persuaded this woman to sleep with him (Fat Brazilian) Ronaldo may spend far too much of his free time knocking about with porn stars and transvestite prostitutes, but his dashing good ….

WAG No. 241: Angie Harmon

Man rewarded for illustrious NFL career with hot actress wife Fans of Baywatch will recognise Angie Harmon as Ryan McBride, a character whose masculine name was thoroughly offset by her feminine charms. Angie married ….

Natascha Ragosina: the hottest boxer ever

Russian super middleweight champ is easy on the eye   Britain’s favorite champion boxer may be a handsome devil, but our friends in Russia can boast a fighter on an even ….

WAG No. 196: Kelly Brook

Her measurements are 34 GG, or something like that…  Having tired of Billy Zane’s endless Shakespearian monologues, Kelly Brook has decided that a rugby player’s brand of wit and repartee ….

WAG No. 191: Alyssa Milano

Courtesy of our pals at Polite Applause… If you haven’t been to America, you should go, the place is amazing. Everything’s huge, people speak with hilarious pretend voices, and the national ….

Extremely important Ex-WAG calendar information

Atkinson goes toe-to-toe with Lloyd Between them, Danielle Lloyd and Gemma Atkinson have snogged at least four footballers, perhaps more. We’re talking Ronaldo, Sheringham, Defoe – all the greats. And ….

WAG No. 186: Raica Oliveira

Another one steamrollered by fat Ronaldo… No doubt about it, before he started wearing womanly hats and smearing treacle into his bulbous stomach, Ronaldo was having a terrific time with ….