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WAG No. 303: Linda Evangelista

The legendary supermodel with a soft spot for French goalkeepers Along with Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington, supermodel Linda Evangelista dominated the world of fashion in the 1980s and 1990s. The infamous ….

WAG No. 291: Rebecca Ellison

Soon to be the First Lady of Merking   If rumours in the press are to believed, one of Rebecca Ellison’s greatest qualities is forgiveness. Her fiance Rio Ferdinand has been caught out with ….

Barcelona’s Gerard Piqué is a fashion trailblazer

Former Manchester Utd defender rocks some serious kicks Gerard Piqué’s away game checklist: Manbag containing moisturisers, exfoliating scrubs and stubble clippers Some serious literature (anything but Nuts) Trousers, preferably ones borrowed ….