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WAG No. 333: Simone Lambe

It’s the First Lady of German football Popular Chelsea midfielder Michael Ballack met waitress Simone Lambe over ten years ago, when she was a humble waitress in her native East Germany. The couple fianlly ….

Pictures: Hot German WAG Andrea Kaiser poses for FHM

Georgie Thompson’s German equivalent sheds some layers   Andrea Kaiser is a presenter on German Sports Channel DSF, and the partner of Borussia Dortmund legend Lars Ricken. The good folks at FHM Deutschland thought ….

WAG No. 326: Andrea Kaiser

Look, she’s pulling kooky poses! How fun! Former Borussia Dortmund midfielder Lars Ricken split from his last girlfriend because she grew tired of constantly watching football on TV. Fortunately, he will receive ….

WAG No. 311: Sandra Drljaca

Germany’s 3rd Liga finally gets hot WAG representation We all know the Bundesliga isn’t short of WAG talent, and it appears that there is evidence of hotness in the lower tiers ….

Eva Roob goes outside, removes her clothes

Very important former footballer/ pornstar update Undoubtedly, The Spoiler’s biggest criticism of planetariums (planeteria?) is that they are not nearly sexy enough. Thankfully, Eva Roob (aka Samira Summers aka the German former footballer ….

WAG No. 224: Kristina Liliana

Model finds celebrity status  love with man twice her age Highly-decorated German legend Lothar Matthäus has enjoyed almost as many spouses as he has Bundesliga Titles. The oft-complaining Maccabi Netanya manager separated from ….