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WAG No. 349: Michaela Ochotská

The former First Lady of Czech football Michaela Ochotská is a TV presenter, actress and bikini enthusiast from the Czech Republic. The 24-year-old beauty has modelled for Playboy and FHM, credentials that earned ….

WAG No. 279: Tereza Franková

Yet more hotness from the Czech Republic Milan Baroš is lucky enough to be engaged to Tereza Franková, a lady who is not only extremely good looking, but also very thoughtful. The Czech ….

WAG No. 278: Jana Pavelková

A fan of Czech footballers and cheesy photography Not only do the Czechs insist on using a crazy unpronounceable accent-filled language, but they also have an obsession with bizarre couple’s photoshoots. ….

WAG No. 276: Renata Langmannova

Czech Republic continues to produce fine supporting ladies Despite having cast a sexy spotlight on 275 WAGs, The Spoiler is still managing to bring home the hot girl bacon. Today’s discovery is Renata Langmannova, ….

WAG No. 270: Hedvika Koller

Pretty model marries huge, scary looking man After yesterday’s rather splendid appearance from WAG Klára Medková, we thought it highly appropriate to keep the Czech Playboy model theme going today. The lady above ….

WAG No. 269: Klára Medková

West Ham just got a lot sexier West Ham’s position in the fiercely fought Premier League WAG hotness league was bolstered this season when Valon Behrami joined and introduced Elena Bonzanni to the roster. East ….