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WAG No. 272: Diana Chaves

Much classier than her surname suggests Like most beautiful Portuguese women, ex-professional swimmer Diana Chaves has been romantically linked to Cristiano Ronaldo. No one can be certain if the Portguguese man-o’-sex actually had ….

Cristiano Ronaldo to become a property tycoon

Manchester Utd star will one day be your landlord Madeira: slightly nicer than Manchester Those who assumed Cristiano Ronaldo spent all his money on sports cars, hair gel and hotpants had better think again ….

WAG No. 244: Merche Romero

A Ronaldo conquest from waaaay back in 2006 Most ladies who spend time with Cristiano Ronaldo are better off for the experience – Gemma Atkinson continues to get modelling work despite leaving Hollyoaks years ago, Nereida Gallardo finally ….