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WAG No. 183: Fernanda Lessa

Which Italian had his way with this one? Much in the same way that a marine is always a marine, a WAG is always a WAG – no matter how ….

Wag No. 85: Kartika Luyet

Look Ronaldo – Rio has actual females, too Former Crystal Palace and current Torino FC striker Nicola Ventola may have a girl’s name and a distinct lack of international appearances on his ….

Meet the dwarf Brazilian football team!

Is ‘dwarf’ the correct term now? Or is it ‘little person’? ‘Height challenged’? ‘Tallness impaired’? Etc… Just because they’re small doesn’t mean they lack a sense of irony – this ….

WAG No. 51: Stephany Brito

Mrs Pato displays exemplary ‘netiquette’ The centre pages of today’s Sun newspaper are dedicated to the ‘Internet sex epidemic’ that is gripping Britain: apparently, people are cheating on their partners, finding new ….