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WAG No. 142: Eliza Dushku

Say “hello, actress” to AN ACTRESS It’s not just our footballers who dip into the glamourous world of entertainment to find their girlfriends, American sportsmen do it too. Brad Penny, ….

WAG No. 130: Elin Nordegren

Enhancing the reputation of Swedish au pairs worldwide Swedish au pairs are often stereotyped as devastatingly beautiful blondes, who are partial to wearing less clothes than society deems necessary. Former ….

Cristiano Ronaldo finally flips

… the bird to irritating photographers Until yesterday, Cristiano Ronaldo was only too happy to let the world see his collection of hideously short shorts, and his pneumatic (and officially not ….

Dress like Ronaldo – Part One

Say hello to Mr Stylish… Sick of having no sense of style? Confused by Serena Williams wearing a mac on a boiling hot day? Of course you were, everyone was. ….

WAG No. 83: Coleen McLoughlin

This woman allows Wayne Rooney into her bed Only a true cynic would say that Coleen doesn’t dance for her dinner. Okay Wayne brings home the majority of the bacon, ….